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Google Places – Why every small business should use it.

Okay, so another article on Google, but they are the 400lb gorilla and have their finger in a lot of pies. So with the metaphors out of the way, why should you use Google Places?

Quite simply, because people have gone beyond simple search. When looking for services now, potential customers are looking for services in a geographic area, and this is where Google Places comes in.

Do me a quick favour, go to Google search, and type in hairdresser (chosen at random, it was the first thing that popped into my head) plus your nearest city. Have a look at the results, and then compare them to the same result in Google Maps.

Being able to visualise immediately where your requested service is on a map, is easier, more intuitive, and is becoming an increasingly common way for people to search for services and companies. In addition ratings by users of the service are also provided, giving you an independent view of the company you are interested in.

There is also another important reason why Google Places is becoming increasingly more important; location aware devices. That little smartphone you have in your pocket knows your location (through WiFi and GPS), so every time you type a location in to your search bar, it is giving you the heads up on local services based upon your current location.

If you don't currently use this service, spend a few minutes registering with them at - http://www.google.com/places it is well worth the small effort involved. Alternatively give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.

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